Mayer Silver


Nice knowing me

As a brand therapist and copywriter, words… speak to me

I’m 14 years into helping global brands Make the world listen™

My philosophy is concise: If you can say it in one word, don’t say it into

I see no tricks to communication:
only sincerity and whimsy

To cure writer’s block, I rely on vanilla halva to ‘open sesame’

I enjoy good music, good travel, bad punchlines and good food

If I were a drug, I’d be LSD: I make you see things

I’m a decent cook, but a 3-Michelin-star eater…

My life story? I started out with nothing and still have most of it left

typewriter picture

Like Ernest, I once wrote poetry. Unlike Hemingway, I write sober.

I was first paid for content at 15. Adjusted for inflation, that poem netted me a sweet $38.43. (My roles and rates have matured.)

I now work with brands of all sizes, from billion-dollar entities to startups. Read up on my brand therapy and content company.

Notably, English is my 3rd language. Yes, I’m an immigrant. At 21, I emigrated from Brooklyn to the United States.

How I add value

You need a voice.
I like to talk.

It takes the right words to defeat doubt and win loyalty. I give you a vocal army that holds attention in a world of distractions. Ideas that stick to the head (and heart) like a POV action camera.

You need fans.
I bring the flame.

To connect your audience to the real you, I turn your identity into part of theirs. Think Birkenstocks and hippies. Mason jars and hipsters. (There’s a difference.) Old Spice and the manliest of manly men.

You need proof.
I honor privacy.

I could show off and look good, but choose to show up and look great. Serving brands across the US, Canada, England and Israel, trust is never lost in translation. A sample of Headspace’s work is publicly visible here.

You need a break.
I’m good company.

For little more than the price of that poem, you can get me on the phone for a few minutes of quality time. We can talk about anything from cosmic jokes to the merits of decaf espresso. (Blasphemy? Let’s discuss.)

You need quality.
I take the time.

In my spare time, I don’t loaf. White knuckled in organic flour, I craft wild-yeast sourdough bread. The aroma, flavor, texture and scores tell a thousand-word story of passion. Here, too, my work speaks for itself.

You need more.
I’ve got dessert.

Indulgent as sin, my halva is as textured as the writer’s mind and as rich as the client’s demands… It delivers a ‘halluva’ high to those who convert carbs to creativity. Don’t ask for a piece, but I can share the recipe.

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